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The Better Travel Co. provides road passenger transportation services. The aim of the company's to connect people and places by providing a modern travel experience that is safe, reliable and timely.

The professional management and certified drivers, the online booking system, the timely departure and arrival, the on-board entertainment and the quality customer service will make your travel experience easy and joyful.

The Better Travel Co. is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) established in 2019 in Kosovo. Its management and drivers hold Certificates of Professional Competence (CPC) for international passenger transportation.

Our team

Rron Cena


Nexhmi Mehmeti


"Nexhmi has more than 20 years of experience of driving between Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia and other European countries. With a safe, quiet and slow-lane drive, Nexhmi will take you to the most remote of places and you will not feel the slightest fatigue."

Durim Preniqi


"Durimi is the youngest captain of our team, but with a great experience in transporting group travel and students’ transportation. Durimi is very positive and exploratory about the latest forms and possibilities of passenger transport. A trip with him will leave you in a good mood."

Naser Mejzini


"Naser has a long experience of working in various organizations and drives regular lines safely. Naser knows so many languages that everyone can communicate with him in their own language."

Samet Vllasa


"amet is the new driver to the team, with experience in long routes in Balkan countries. Stable in driving, careful in all situations, Samet makes traveling easy and convenient for everyone."

Our partners

The Better Travel Co cooperates with a number of other tourism and travel agencies, transport agencies in Kosovo and Balkan countries to ensure your transportation needs are met.

We urge all passengers to fasten their seat belt and enjoy the ride.